About Us

Creators of Memories

We are often asked what exactly is the difference between a jam, a preserve, a jelly and a marmalade. At Bhuira Jams we explain it thus:

Jams: Where the fruit cooks naturally to a puree before setting

Preserves: Where infinite care is taken to keep the fruit whole or in whole pieces

Jellies: A more sophisticated form which involves a two-step process of first boiling fruit to extract juice and then boiling the pure juice till it sets into a clear jelly

Marmalades: Made out of citrus fruits and their peels.

About Linnet

The Jam Maker

“Meet Linnet Mushran, founder Bhuira Jams. Her contribution towards women employment was recently recognised by the PHD Family Welfare Foundation who awarded her with the prestigious ASTITVA SAMMAN 2017.

At 73, Linnet, British by birth and Indian at heart, is a spark in herself; always radiant, as if lit by a fire from within. Her passion for jam making feeds her steps, and her warmth lightens up the Bhuira campus.

About Rebecca

The new face of Bhuira

Meet Rebecca Mushran, Her efforts and contribution have helped the organisation keep up with changing times. Her creativity has brought in an artisanal salience to our products, operations are smoother and our products are now available in all major cities. We thank her for her consistent zeal to deliver good handcrafted preserves each day.

About Workforce

Bhuira Jams was started up in the year 1999, with the idea of developing fresh, handcrafted jams & jellies filled the goodness of fruits in the small village of Bhuira, Himachal Pradesh. More importantly, Bhuira Jams was employing women who belonged to this village, empowering them to enhance their quality of life.  Over a hundred women today support the operations of this Jam facility. Bhuira Jams is proud to be part of this journey that has helped uplift their economic status and their dignity within their society & their families.