Celebrating International Women’s Day- That’s her jam!

Today is International Women’s Day and as an organization run entirely by women, it is only fitting that we celebrate the exceptional women who make our workforce so special.

Meet one of our first and oldest employees, Sarita. She is a resident of Bhuira, a tiny village at the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Through her association with Bhuira Jams she has gained confidence and has become a strong driving force in the overall production and management of the manufacturing facility at Bhuira. Her contributions to Bhuira Jams have spanned almost two decades. Over the years she has taken on challenges, hit speed bumps but that has not deterred her from moving forward. She is strong willed and analytical with a zeal for entrepreneurship.

She recently took the initiative to grow capsicum, in season, on her property, ripened it to the desired colour, tried and tested her original recipe variations and finally produced the new addition to our range; The Red Capsicum Jam.

In appreciation for her exemplary contributions to Bhuira Jams, here is a special mention to Sarita, who stands as an example for empowered women across the world.

Please log on to our Shop page, for you to buy and taste this innovative and limited edition of Red Capsicum Jam.

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