A Marmalade to Toast!

This one’s about a vibrant refreshing drink you can make from the Bhuira three-fruit-marmalade! I remember it was on the day I first I made this marmalade. Thrilled to have discovered this beverage, I went on to trying it with different concoctions.
The second time around I spiked it with some Gin and served it with crushed ice. It made a rather impressive cocktail. That beautiful tray in the picture from Mandalay Fine Stationery (http://www.mandalayfinestationery.com/lifestyle/trays/) fits in perfectly with our garden in bloom.
It seemed like the perfect day for a gin cocktail. The rain clouds were rolling in and we had just returned from a 3-hour trek down the mountain. Made some new animal friends along the way, clicked a few photographs of the picturesque Rajgarh hills and ate a handful of Wild berries while talking about how many parathas we might consume on our return.

1. 240gm Bhuira 3 Fruit Marmalade
2. Juice of 2 Limes
3. A pinch of salt
4. 1 liter of water
5. A sprig of fresh Mint leaves
In a blender mix in Half a cup of water, the mint, lime juice and the marmalade to a pulp. Gradually add in more water and blend.
Serve chilled

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