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Home to handcrafted artisanal jams & jellies.

Taking its name from the quaint village it belongs to, Bhuira Jams is an artisanal jam factory based out Bhuira located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal-Pradesh in India. We focus on creating innovative and handcrafted fruit jams using fresh & fine ingredients that are handpicked by our workforce. Our jams & preserves are all natural, contain no added preservatives and they taste delicious with fresh scones & cream.

Our Story

Creators of Memories

We are often asked what exactly is the difference between a jam, a preserve, a jelly and a marmalade. At Bhuira Jams we explain it thus:

Jams: Where the fruit cooks naturally to a puree before setting

Preserves: Where infinite care is taken to keep the fruit whole or in whole pieces

Jellies: A more sophisticated form which involves a two-step process of first boiling fruit to extract juice and then boiling the pure juice till it sets into a clear jelly

Marmalades: Made out of citrus fruits and their peels.