Dear Reader,

Welcome to Bhuira Jams

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to our page, to explore our special place Bhuira through our endless adventures in these hills. Ours is a boutique fruit processing unit that produces some of the most novel and artisanal fruit preserves in the country. We use age old recipes and unique techniques to bring to you a range of handcrafted fruit preserves and jellies that are all natural without the use of artificial preservatives.

Traditionally, preserving food was a way of life. We grew and preserved our own food and it was considered to be a viable, sustainable lifestyle. However, over the years we have adapted to changes in lifestyles and we have familiarized ourselves with foods that are readily available.

Our intention of setting up this unit is a small initiative towards bridging the gap between cultural knowledge and long forgotten means of healthy food preservation while enhancing the livelihood of our neighborhood.

Through this blog, I wish to share with you a few creative ways of using jams and jellies, a few behind-the-scenes from the Bhuira Jam factory, a few of my experiences and of course, adventures of the hills. I hope you enjoy this blog.